Saturday, March 2, 2013

Munchkin's Pierced Ears and Random Google Findings

I did it people...I got my little munchkin's ears pierced! We went to Claires, and there was actually another mom with a 7 month old baby there so I felt really good about not being the only one. Munchkin was cool with the lady messing with her ears, and marking them.When the lady pierced them she honestly did not cry for more than two minutes. I think she was surprised more than anything. I couldn't do it though, Hubby had to hold her. I was standing behind him shaking and gripping onto the chair for fear of passing out. It went so smoothly that I felt sort of embarrassed over how much of a big deal I made it out to be...oh well. So if you are a momma and worried about getting your little one's ears pierced, don't be. It honestly is not bad, I promise.

Yesterday I also peeked at my google stats to see what people search for that brings them to my site. There were the obvious ones...nickie bubble, life bubble nickie, funny nickie ( thanks for that by the way). Then there were the not so obvious ones:

1. How to be like Edward Cullen  
 brought three people to my site
At first this one really stumped me, I mean how in the world could someone...much less three someones....find my blog from that? I'm not even remotely like Edward Cullen, I'm from the south, I love sunshine, I interact with people daily, and I don't think if I was a vampire that I would have issues drinking blood from bad people, they totally had it coming. THEN I remembered that THIS POST was titled Just Like Edward Cullen and then it sort of all made sense. Robert Pattinson and I are now practically cast mates in the play of life...feel free to tweet that quote.

 2. Nickie's Bubble Idiot
brought one person to my site
First I was like....rude. Then I googled it just out of curiosity to see if there was some sort of hate site for me or something because, yes...I am that paranoid. What it brought me to was  THIS POST about idiot customer dealings and I was like...awww ok. All is well in the world, though I'm sure there are people who do think I'm an idiot and that's ok, the world needs people with bad taste.

3. What to write on a death wreath
brought one person to my site
I felt really, really horrible about this one. All I could picture were bereaved people trying to find words of sympathy or loss and being led to my crazy post HERE and hearing all about my winter wreath murdering itself. I felt really bad, but Hubby did make me feel a little better pointing out that maybe I made them just a tiny bit happy and possibly brought a smile to their face. I really hope so, if not again...I apologize. 


  1. BWAH HA HA HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW, the Death Wreath was what brought US together... though I didn't specifically do a Google Search for it, so that wasn't me, but still, lovely!)

    1. LOL that is so true!!!! I still feel bad though lol