Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Sunday

This morning Hubby, Munchkin, my Brother, Sister, and her Boyfriend all decided to eat lunch together which is actually a pretty rare thing for us. We live in the north part of town and my brother and sister live on the south side ( I know this is sounding JUST like The Outsiders) about 40 minutes away. That's not much of a distance, but we never seem to find time to hang out. Plus with our new addition it's really hard to drive 40 minutes and plan for that long of a trip plus however much time we plan on spending with them.

The lunch went well, and we introduced them into the world of corn nuggets, which if you do not know is basically fried cream corn and also glorious, crunchy goodness.

After lunch we all headed to my house and while the guys worked on my sister's car she and I decided to try our hand at making some vanilla cupcakes from scratch. I LOVE making cupcakes, but I use a box...I know, I know....but they are so easy to make and the real fun is decorating them when I'm finished. Well, we found a recipe here that looked promising, and we got to baking. The only problem was that I accidentally added a bit more salt than the recipe called for, so I then added more sugar to try and balance it. I tasted the batter and it tasted fine so we baked it just like the recipe called for.

They came out as the most perfect, tasty, delicious....corn muffins. How exactly I have no idea, but they were corn muffins. It literally tasted like I made them from a Jiffy Corn Mix box. We laughed for about 20 minutes because this was our second failed attempt at baking. The first had been a cake for her boyfriend's birthday that ended up with a giant hole in it, icing falling off, and when I went to write " Happy Birthday" I ran out of room and he ended up with a cake that said "Happy Birth". It was horrible.

My sister said it best when she said that the laws of baking do not apply to us in the kitchen. We ruin cakes, and turn cupcakes into corn muffins without any corn mix...yea, we're pretty much rockstars. I can totally tell your jealous. 

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend


  1. Maybe you could have crumbled and fried them. Then you could have passed them off as your own homemade attempt at corn nuggets? No? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

    1. Actually, your suggestion is better than what we did. Which was tried to pass them off as corn muffins that we *intended* to make.....the guys saw right through it.