Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baby clothes sale, catch the fever!

I had four separate people tell me that baby clothes were on sale today. 

The first time was when Hubby and I were at the flea market and while walking by a man's booth the guy jumped out of his chair and quickly informed me that he got a new shipment of baby clothes in and they were at rock bottom prices. I kindly nodded, but informed the man that her closet was slammed full but I appreciated the heads up.

( totally true...Munchkin is the first grandchild and the first niece so everyone under the sun buys her clothes)

We decided to hit up an "upscale consignment boutique", and while we were in there an older lady practically dragged me by my arm into her little shop to see all her crocheted baby clothes she had on sale. I commented on a few pretty pieces, but told her that Munchkin's closet was packed to the gills and she just didn't need any more right now. Thanked her, and left.

Well a friend of mine told me that Tuesday Morning was having an awesome sale ( which they TOTALLY are) so we stopped by on our way home ( I Hubby..EVER). The only thing I found was a beautiful faux gold plate that was originally 9 bucks on sale for 2.00 and 60% off that! woohoo! I waited for a lady to finish her purchase and then we were motioned to move forward to a man's register. After we paid the man was bagging up my plate and said " I can't believe you didn't find any baby clothes." I smiled and told him the same thing I told the other two, and we left. I was starting to feel really odd.

On the way to the car the woman who was checking out before us called to us as we passed and said " You should've gotten some of those baby clothes, it's SUCH a good sale!" I smiled and told her the same friggen thing that I was soon starting to memorize and then I got in the car and headed to the flippin' house.

It really got me thinking....was my baby dressed as a little ragamuffin so badly to the point where everyone thought she deserved better clothing and maybe they just sensed that it would have to be cheap for my penny-pinching self? No, because I had her looking really cute with a bow and everything.

Maybe because I had her looking super cute they thought " oh wow...look at that fashionista, I guarantee she'll want to buy THESE baby clothes". ( I really hope you said that sentence in your head with a haughty male crescendo voice, if not...I am slightly dissapointed in you)

It also could have been that this economy really sucks and any woman with a baby is a target for selling baby clothes to and everyone just wants to make a buck, or maybe they just really wanted to pass along the savings, maybe a little of both....I dunno, but I'd like to think it's the fashionista one.

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