Saturday, April 6, 2013

When did old men get so chic?

I had a gentleman come through my checkout line who was probably about seventy five and he looked at me and said " Ma'am don't you know Easter is over." and I said " Well...yes sir...I do know that " then he says " Well ok should know you need to change your nail color, Easter is over." and walked away without another word.  My first thought was how rude.

The polish in question is similar to this (but not this brand exactly because I cannot and will never be able to shell out 20 bucks for one jar of polish).

 I could see if maybe I painted bunnies or perhaps designed them to look like eggs or something but no....they were just painted with the polish.

My second thought though was....honey you need to read up on your fashion mags because teal is the hot new color for spring so...there.

Who do you think you are Nina Garcia? To you old man I say pack your knives and leave.