Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Can I be happily smug just once? please?

This morning the baby woke me up early so I headed outside to the porch with her high chair at the door so we could see each other and I planted the flowers I bought yesterday. They are Vincas, Moss Roses, Snapdragons ( yes...I know their season is almost over but the whole container was a dollar so....there.) and my personal favorite....Lavender.

I finally got everything planted, plus put up a hummingbird feeder on our window when she began to fuss. I cleaned everything off and headed inside. I picked her up and started brewing some coffee and humming to myself. There literally could not have been a better way to start my morning.

I had just sat down with Munchkin when I noticed she smelled like poop. Awesome. It was then that I discovered that she did in fact poop.....all over herself, and it was slowly creeping up her back. I changed her and fast forward about 20 minutes had her down for a morning nap. Awesome.

I sat down with my coffee in my quiet house thinking...yes....I do deserve this peacefulness and decided to update my Facebook status to something smugly happy that basically said

" flowers planted, coffee made, it's going to be a lovely day. "

 No sooner had I pressed "send" to post the status when I dropped my hot coffee all over myself, and the remote and also somehow managed to drop her baby monitor onto the floor which woke her up. She started wailing, I was trying not to say some very naughty words that rhymed with duck and fit and all I could think about was alright, well played world. I was becoming too smugly secure and on my high horse....thank you for knocking me down a peg or two. I get it....maybe next time could it be cold tea please?

This of course put me in a sour mood, and speaking of sour did you guys see that jerk on the Today show  who was talking about " How to wear white before Memorial Day"?

He began talking about a trench coat and said and I QUOTE " It will make you feel so wonderful and it costs nothing, it's from Banana Republic". The jacket he was referring to was 189.00.

Dude, I have issues buying jackets at Wal-Mart that I feel haven't been marked down enough much less 200 bucks on a brand new white trench coat! We got this here recession on man...get with the times.

Kudos for Al Roker for looking at those panels of "Find the Perfect Shades of White to Fit Your Home" and calling the woman out on the fact that they all looked identical.

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  1. It's never cold anything. But tea would be the very worst! You can't get that stuff out for anything, save straight bleach. And watching anything "newsy" always throws my day completely off track! Al Roker rocks and white is white. That's all! Have a great rest of your day!