Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh good Lord here we go again....

Alright so I don't remember if I told you guys or not, but as soon as we got home we received a letter in the mail informing us that Hubby's deposition was scheduled for this Friday. Awesome. Hubby has to give a deposition for shooting a man just to watch him die, mugged a family of bears being a witness to a car wreck that the lady is now apparently suing for. Big fun.

The only issue is that it's in the upstate of South Carolina and about six hours from where we are. I have to work today and then as soon as I get off work we are driving the six hours ( with Munchkin in the car ) and crashing at his parent's house so he can give his statement tomorrow.

It's going to be great to see some of our old friends, even though we'll only be there for about three days. The bad news is that no...there is no internet. There isn't even A.C. actually now that I think about it. Note to self: try to fit fan inside car. There will be lots of love and happiness though, and I'm excited that we're getting to see some people that we've been missing.

So, long story short....I'm off for the weekend and I hope you guys have an awesome one, and also pray for me and the no A.C sweltering heat of spring thing, K? Thanks!

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