Saturday, January 26, 2013

Best flea market sign ever!

Our family decided to take a trip to the flea market yesterday and it was awesome. We packed the diaper bag as full as can be, picked up some Starbucks ( for me...Hubby thinks Starbucks is full of elitists), got the baby bundled and braved the masses. It wasn't as busy as it usually is during the summer, but there were enough people to keep it interesting. I found a pair of MNG Mango pants for five bucks in my size! There were also a few Vera Wang jeans and DKNY jeans for just five flippin' bucks, but they were WAY too small to fit me. The pair I got must have been her "post pregnancy" pants until she got back into her Veras again...oh well. Hubby got a few random tools and we also scored some boiled peanuts.However the BEST part of the afternoon was finding this sign:

I would kill to hear the story behind this because you know that cat had to so something pretty bad to warrant someone taking the time to erect a warning sign against it. 

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