Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I was utterly sad for no reason at all.

Have you ever woken up and had one of those days where you were sad for no apparent reason. I didn't, at least not at first mine creeped upon me like bathing suit season . My morning was awesome, I woke up feeling relatively good despite my LSU Tiger's loss. I had a great day at work, laughing all day with my fellow cashiers even though ALL the customers seemed to be wanting to ruin it. I came home to a SPOTLESS, smelling great house and a baby that was ready to take a nap with me when I got home. It was perfection, the only thing that could make it better would be winning a lifetime of gold or Amazon gift cards.

Hubby said he needed to pop down to his shop for a little bit, then he was going to get dinner. The past three days I have had egg rolls dancing in my head, and for New Year dinner I wanted them. My family has ALWAYS either made or bought egg rolls for New Year dinner all together and then sat around the table talking about our resolutions.While I was lying in bed somewhere in that nice little state between dreams and reality hubby asked what I wanted him to go pick up for supper while the baby and I napped ( best husband of the year I know). I couldn't really think of anything so when he mentioned a small meat and three place I named off some things I wouldn't mind eating and then back to sleep I went.

When I woke up I discovered that he had gotten me a salad. Great..one of the choices I gave him, but it was one you make at a bar and wasn't how I would have made it. There was barely a handful of lettuce, and big chunks of ham....and no egg rolls. I was sad. There was no reason for me to be sad, none at all. I had a clean house, happy baby, loving husband and food on my plate and when I woke up I honestly didn't even feel like eating egg rolls. That still did not change the fact that I was sad. I ate in silence, and just sat there..like someone had killed my dog. I knew I was being stupid.....there was NO reason for the sadness, I was blessed more than I deserved but there I was....so disheartened I was almost crying. I don't know if subconsciously I realized the fact that our longstanding tradition was ruined, or maybe that my mom wasn't here for this New Year or maybe I had a really horrifying dream where people did nothing but call me names and I just don't remember it...who knows. I slowly got over it, chastised myself for being a selfish baby, and decided to write it all in my blog. Sometimes you're sad for no reason and it's OK, just read some Hyperbole and a half ( who wrote about this same thing happening to her in a much funnier way) and try to remember how blessed and awesome you are. These things pass, give yourself time to be sad...even if it is for no reason or you have no right to be sad and then move on.This is a new year and it's full of new memories, and new traditions just waiting to be made.

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