Friday, January 18, 2013

Strangers insulting my child....mother trucker....

If you visit this blog to get your daily dose of literary genius( ha!) you may want to go somewhere else for a few moments because this is not a real post, it's basically me just ranting. Here goes:


She is in a PINK carseat, there are PINK toys hanging from the bar, there is a DOLL in a DRESS on the bar, she has a zebra print hat on,  she is wearing a PINK onesie, she is sucking on a PINK pacifier, she is in a PINK carseat with a PINK blanket on her.

Why would you feel the need to say " oh what a handsome boy"  or " he looks just like daddy". You make me want to hit you. NO parent wants to hear you say that their daughter is handsome. If you can't take a hint from all the pink clues then for the love of God just say " oh what a precious baby". There, that isn't hard.Good Lord! This is our conversation with a waitress at IHOP:

Waitress: " Oh look at that handsome boy."
Me: " Yes, She sure is beautiful" ( speaking very nicely)
Waitress: " How old is he?"
Me: " She is 5 months" ( slightly less nice)
Waitress: " He is so well behaved"
Me:  " Yep..we got lucky with her" ( strained)
Waitress: " What's his name?"
Me: Staring at her
Hubbs: "She's a baby girl, a female baby...girl."
Waitress: " Oh....."

 Excuse me while I go bang my head on the wall for a few moments.


  1. LOL, you should totally post a picture of him, he sure sounds like a good looking lad! ;D