Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Death Wreath

The other day Hubby and I had just pulled into the driveway and I noticed for the first time that there was a holly tree right next to where we park. I was so excited! I asked him to bring me a few ends of the tree and got a spare wreath from the back room along with my glue gun. I was so excited and he delivered me a HUGE band of limbs, and I do mean huge.

 So there I was cheerfully arranging the richly colored leaves and beautiful red berries together. I was getting stabbed a million times by those stupid razor sharp edges and berries were rolling everywhere, but I didn't care. I was however a little dissapointed that I hadn't noticed them for Christmas, but I reasoned with myself that it's only January so it's still cold and a holly wreath would still be adorable. I planned to blog it all and add our initial, some other greenery from the rosemary bush outside plus a big red bow, but the wreath had other ideas. Here I was feeling so accomplished and it died. I'm not talking about a few weeks later it died, I literally mean that this wreath somehow committed suicide, the span of time between the pictures is literally two days.

 I was crestfallen. Hubby thought it was hilarious because I already have a reputation for killing any type of plant and here it was again in all of it's glory: a dead holly wreath. Sending the wrong type of message to anyone who visited. It was almost like it was screaming "beware all ye who enter" with its leaves curling in on themselves, the berries an ugly brown color and looking vaguely similar to something the evil queen would used to poison Snow White.

 I re-searched what could cause it online and found out you can buy stuff to spray on them to make them last, or use hairspray oddly enough, but I was much too late. Hubby said he would bring more and I could try again but I'm jaded. The death wreath has made me go back to things that cannot die in wreath making: yarn, burlap, ribbons. The Death Wreath has been taken down and while pulling the limbs off the wreath form the stupid leaves stabbed me again a million times as if they were mocking me one last time. I don't have an idea for another winter wreath yet...I may wait until spring who knows? Either way rest assured that you will be apart of it..the good, the bad, and the shriveling dead ugly parts too.


  1. OMG! ANNNNND you're FUNNY too! OK, I'ma gonna stalk your blog now. :) In a totally non-threatening, just from over here, we're mutual RFML fans so it MUST be ok- kinda way.

    1. You are literally the first person who has ever commented on my are the best and awesome possum, so heck yea it's ok to stalk me because I'm totally printing your picture out and framing it right now....I mean...writing you a well thought out thank you card...yea that last one.

    2. Oooo, I LURVE being FIRST at ANYTHING. :D