Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Musings of My Mountain Man

Here's a fun fact about me: I married a country boy. He isn't redneck...he can mingle with the best of 'em if he chooses to and he is a lot smarter than what you might think based on his beard, but he is definitely rooted in country soil. He hates electronics or social sites, he craves being outside and working with his hands. He loves hunting, fishing and camping. He is an awesome, wonderful guy, but there are some things he says that just make me shake my head. Without further ado here are" The Musings of My Mountain Man"

1. Guys can't cry. Not unless it has something to do with their daughters, the military or Old Yeller. period. I don't care if you get are not allowed to cry.

 2. If you don't pee outside at least once a day, you're not living right.

3. A shower is the only time that it is acceptable to not have a pocket knife on your person.

4. There's "Preptober" where halfway through the month you quit worrying about shaving for " No Shave November" which is pretty self-explanatory. Then comes " Decembeard" and "Manuary". "Manuary" finally leads up to "Februhairy"
Me: " So...then you shave?"
Him: " No."
Me: ?

5. Always carry an Ax in your truck

6. You can put a RoseArt crayon on a piece of paper, and press down in a line and there will be gaps! Gaps! THAT'S why I never won any coloring contests.


7. She's about ten pounds of crazy in a five pound sack.

Pictures Credit  HERE this girl is flippin' talented!

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