Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Beloved Organizational Binder

I'm one of those slightly neurotic people who have to be organized. I wouldn't say I'm OCD or anything, I can walk away if there are a few dishes in the sink and I'm just too tired to do them. I can't however stand to be disorganized and cluttered. I came across the idea to do an organizational binder from Pinterest and took that idea and ran with it. I have to say I'm mildly obsessed with my binder. I have everything we could possibly need in it for any emergency or scary situation, and it has ALL of our super important documents in it. It is literally everything you could possibly need at your fingertips how could anyone resist? I use to have it lying around then Hubby pointed out that it has our bank account, s.s. numbers, and birth certificates in it and I was testing fate by leaving it out on the counter so now it's hidden but still within a moment's reach because I look at it at least once a day.

First Tab

1. Our Week at a Glance
This is the first thing you see when you open my binder and although Kelsey Humphreys took down her site, and deleted all of her amazing printables I did have this one saved so here it is : Week at a Glance. I really like this one because it's so pretty and it has a memory verse section. The second thing in that first tab is our calendar. I found that it's just WAY more easier to print a blank one and write in everything myself plus it kinda matches the week one and it's REALLY pretty. Here is the Calendar PLUS she also has a free matching blog planner!

2. Our Week of Meals
We grocery shop for meals one, sometimes two weeks at a time. We write down the actual meals and the sides we are going to have with them Here ( she has three different ones you can choose from) then write out our actual grocery list Here (tried for hours to find original source and could not find it, so if it's yours just message me the link and I will add it) with EVERY ingredient we will need for the meals. This eliminates having to run to the grocery store for one ingredient for supper, plus Hubby can choose what to cook and know everything he needs for that meal is already in the pantry.

3. Baby's Folder  This is where I have all of Munchkin's checkup reports from her pediatrician, plus random bits of information that I have picked up like our state's guidelines for car seats and when to make the transition to foods, etc.This tab is also where I have her Vaccine Schedule sheet and where we use to keep her Feeding Chart which is the BEST chart ever! ( my milk never came in so we had to bottle feed). We also have a Babysitter Instructions Sheet  that we have never used before but has EVERYTHING you could want/need the babysitter to know.

4. Medical Folder
This tab has our Adult & Child I.D. Pages and our Medical Information Sheets that lists our allergies, medicines we are on and any surgeries ( she also has LOTS of other printables here). We also keep our Pharmacy Information Sheet ( again could not find the source, if it's yours message me the link and I will gladly add) here which has the number and store hours plus any prescriptions that are there and their numbers.

5. Family Yellow Pages
This is a simple list I created in Microsoft Word that has our family and friend's numbers and addresses in it. The word document makes it SO easy to update and I just print out the updated sheet...makes life easier when you need to mail out invitations.

6. Important Family Documents
This is where we store our marriage certificate, copies of our driver's licenses, our social security cards ( in clear baseball card sheets),voter i.d., and our birth certificates.

7. House & Home Documents
This folder has all of our vehicle titles, our boat title, and copies of all the receipts we have for various purchases and warranties. I also have a sheet in the front that is our house To Do List where I keep projects I want to work on and house ideas that I see. The first line literally says " Plant everywhere" 

8. Banking & Bills
This one is pretty obvious, it's where we keep all of our important bank documents along with any bills that need to be paid soon or anything that needs our attention financially speaking. 

9. Mommy's Folder
Last, but not least is mommy's folder. This is where I have anything that tickles my fancy from  a Books To Read List to a Stain Cheet Sheet and Birthday List. I also have Christmas Sheets for any gift ideas that come to me, or anything I pick up during the year. I pretty much put anything I like or want to keep hold of in here. Also a good place to store date night ideas and sheets of notebook paper for blogging ideas.

WELL there it is. My organizational binder. It really will put your mind at ease to get everything you could need together in one place. There is no stressing, or digging it's all there and you can feel accomplished and smug when you need to find a receipt and you know EXACTLY where it is. 

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