Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NO walmart you can't sit at the Cool Kids table.

Have you went to Walmart's website any today? I don't know when the actual change took affect, but their site is completely different now. Everything has a slightly rounder look and they have a " My Store" button that is full of information on...well, my store. I'll give them credit it is sort of neat you can see the best selling products plus news directly from your store I sort of like it, but then they went and made a " Trending Now" tab.

It's weird. To say the least. There are Pins from Pinterest and Just Sold Items or Just Reviewed Items. It's sort of like they're trying to be cool, and guess what Walmart you just can't be. We come to you because this recession is ripping us a new one, and you're about the only place we can afford anymore. Don't patronize us by trying to pretend you're cool now and in turn we're cool for shopping with you...you sir are no target and it's time you face that fact. You will never be as alluring as Sephora or as awesome as Amazon, you are Walmart. Most of your patrons come to you in their pajamas. This is just too weird. I ask you to take down your cockamamie ( totally didn't spell that right the first time) "cool kids" tab down while you still have some shred of self-respect. To remind you of your roots I give you the  People of Walmart  YouTube video, that is all.

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