Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Subway Art Decorating

Happy New Year! Almost. I actually have to work tomorrow, and the baby has been a little fussy today so we decided to stay in, grab some Zaxby's and call it a night watching the Chick-fil-A Bowl until it's time for bed. GEAUX LSU by the way! haha. I love decorating for the holidays, any holiday from Valentines to Halloween and everything in between. Call me a nerd but it's something that I love. I have scoured the internet looking for something called subway art for each holiday or each season. My loving hubby likes to call it "hobo art " God bless him......

I usually put one in a frame in the bathroom and then two in the open spaces I have above our entertainment center. I don't usually create them, the only one I did was when my baby girl was born. So without further ado here are where you can find your own New Year Subway Art, plus some ideas on how to use them to decorate. I also have a filler page to use between holidays or seasons for mine it just looks so much better than a blank empty space in my opinion. I shall post more whenever I change them out. Happy New Year!!!!!

In a frame in the bathroom ( also can use on the kitchen counter, side tables, entryway.. etc)
In the two spots above the t.v. ( sorry you can't really see the actual Subway art but trust me it's really pretty) 

 The first Subway Art in the bathroom frame can be found HERE
The second set of Subway Art that look like a matching set can be found HERE and HERE
Happy Decorating!!!

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