Sunday, December 23, 2012

A pallet of Lucky Charms please.

My dad is from the upper part of the state and this weekend he and my stepmother traveled down to exchange gifts and visit before Christmas. Among some of the gifts we received was a paid membership to Sam's Club! When we opened the bag I was like a little kid receiving a year's worth of candy. I was so excited I was literally bouncing up and down. The membership isn't something terribly expensive, but it's something that was EXTREMELY thoughtful and something we would never buy for ourselves but would use if we did have it. As soon as we left breakfast this morning I begged hubby to swing by Sam's to get our cards made, and my loving hubbs agreed. I was tickled pink to go in and have our pictures taken and then....the cards couldn't print. Their printer was apparently on a mission to ruin my happy day, but I didn't let it. We took our temporary card and proceeded to shop. We spent almost two hours in the store browsing through the isles and comparing this and that. Needless to say I am thoroughly pleased with our gift. Sorry this post isn't very long or funny my head is still spinning from the gallon sizes of Duke's mayo. DUKES people!

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