Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Idiot Customer Dealings Level: 25% off Coupons

Why? Why must you come into the place I work and do stupid things that make me want to call your mother on you? We have started offering a coupon for 25% off an item for New Years Day Only in the store. yay. They are stationed at our registers in the open right next to the credit card machines. You would not believe the number of people who say:

 " Are you going to mail those to us?"
 " No sir you need to take one now. We get rid of them all before on the 31st."
" Can I have one?"
" ( thinking: no dummy we put those there to tease you. They're actually only for the attractive customers.)....Yes sir"
" I'm going to be there for that sale."
" Actually sir that's a coupon. You need to grab one of those and bring them in on the first to use it and get that discount."
" I have to bring it in?"
" Yes....it is a coupon."

 The best was this: 
" I want to use this 25% coupon now."
" I'm sorry sir, that is for New Years Day only..the first of January."
" But I won't be here."
" I'm sorry sir, but if you're near any other stores you can use it there."
" I'm not going to be."
" NO I should be able to use it now" ----- serious
" Sorry sir we can't do that."
" THIS is bullshit. I shouldn't be penalized because I won't be here...THIS is not fair." ----beginning to yell
" .....sorry.."
" Call a manager this is bullshit. I wont be here y'all need to give me the discount NOW." 

.......after a manager told him what I already said he then dropped his items on the counter and yelled that he was tired of being hassled and would NEVER spend his money here again. Here's the facts: if YOU stopped shopping at these big stores, and you literally got EVERY member of your family to stop and EVERY SINGLE friend they knew to stop shopping there as well, it would not make one little blip on their company radar. Small, local stores do need every bit of business they can get, but not these big giant stores. Stop being a tool (haha see what I did there) smile at the cashier and then leave. It is THAT simple.

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