Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WIZARDS that is what I think about when work is boring

Random thought:

In Harry Potter if a wizard yells " Expelliarmus" their opposing wizard's wand flies out of their hand away from that wizard. SO the now wand-less wizard has to go run after their wand and the attacker has the chance to use another spell without worry. NOW my random question is this: Can you use it more than once like that dollar prank where you let the wizard get close enough to barely reach it then BAM another expelliarmus and it's across the room again, or does the spell need a wand to be in a hand to work? I think it's the second one because the first just seems too easy and mean to be true, but then again J.K. Rowling did kill one of the Weasley twins so anything is possible. These are the things that keep me up at night...not really it was actually just something I randomly thought of at work while mindlessly scanning items at the register. Either way..something to think about.....

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