Monday, December 10, 2012

Her knuckle was in my nostril. I kid you not.

Today I had to pick up a prescription at Wal-Mart, and while I was waiting I figured I would go get my eyebrows waxed. Laugh all you like, but I have tried five different nail salons, and hair salons around town and Wal-Mart's nail ladies are by far the cheapest and do the best job. I LOVE when they do my eyebrows because they take a good amount of time waxing, cutting, and tweezing until my eyebrows look perfect. So here I am, walking into the salon and it was a miracle because there was no wait! I sit down in the chair and lean back trying to relax while she is getting everything ready. 

When she begins I have my eyes closed and we're talking a little, she then waxes one of my eyebrows and my eye starts to water. She asks if she hurt me and my immediate thought was oh it's just hot biggie. Can we hurry this up I have a walking on hot coals appointment later on today? But I just laughed a little and said " No, my eyes always water you're fine." she then goes on talking to me about the weather, and Christmas THEN because of the angle she was at one of her knuckles literally goes into my right nostril. Not touching it, or against it, literally IN IT.

When this happens she just keeps talking like normal and all I can think about is OMG your knuckle is in my nose. I couldn't speak or move, it was a terrible line between hilarious and horrible. Then she casually moved her hand and finished. I was somewhat in a daze when I paid and tipped her and then walked towards the pharmacy. My head was a myriad of questions:

Did she notice? Was this normal? Does she accidentally do that all day? How many more nostrils has that knuckle been in? She was wearing gloves wasn't she? Why can't I remember? Was my nose running? Should I have moved a little? Wouldn't that have put my eyebrows at jeopardy?

So...if anyone is reading I would love for someone else to say that this has happened to them. Maybe not...maybe I'm the only one who has had a nail technician's knuckle in their nostril, but I really hope there are others out there. Maybe we could start an awareness group? Santa is a liar and don't lean back too far or you will get her knuckle in your nostril. We'll meet on Thursdays, I'll bring the cookies.


  1. ROFLMAO!! I get my brows waxed too, but I have yet to experience a knuckle to the nostril... I have been BURNED though, and THAT sucked, but the BEST was when they dripped a big gloop of wax into my (VERY CURLY!) hair!!! I couldn't get it out for DAYS!

    1. OUCH!!! That one has never happened to me thank God it would probably have scarred me for life out of never getting them done again. I would look like Helga from Hey Arnold..without the blonde hair and sour expression.