Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meds, Chicken Blood, oh and Welcome

I realize that it is probably not the best idea to start a blog when you, and your whole family of three are sick and on medication but hey when you want to write you've gotta write, right? We have been sick for about four days now. My little one ( 4 months.) started it all with a small cough that turned into a hacking cough which then spread to me, and I spread the love to my husband, oh what fun. After a four hour long E.R. trip we found out that she has Bronchiolitis and RSV, I am assuming that is what my husband and I have as well, but who knows. The little one is actually the least bothered by it out of the three of us thank God, so at least we have that going for us. RSV isn't fun it's pretty much a hacking cough with TONS of congestion and mucus. My little slice of the virus also included nausea and MONSTER headaches...painting a lovely picture here aren't I? So here we are lounging on the couch, myself getting sucked into the amazing world of Pinterest, and my husband reading.

This is not a normal sight in my family I assure you. My husband is a smart man, but he HATES  reading in the same way that some people hate malls, or crowds which come to think of he hates as well, which is completely opposite of me....anyway I digress. When the hubby finds something interesting to him whether it be making your own slingshot, doomsday preppers or oddly enough couponing he will actually read about it. Today was something called The Foxfire Book . This is a set of books about " lost arts" and "old-timey things" the very description of the book he was reading is this : " Hog dressing, log cabin building, mountain crafts and foods, planting by the signs, snake lore, hunting tales, faith healing, moonshining, and other affairs of plain living. ". Sweet. It was in this moment that he turned to me

H: " Hey babe...I'm on a chapter about home remedies for sickness.."
Me: " Uh-Huh..."
H:  " It says here if a child has an illness you should prick their finger, putting a drop of blood on a piece of corn which you then feed to a black hen."
Me: " Specific....well go get me a damn chicken "
H: " Black Hen...and that would mean we would have to prick her finger"
Me: "We'll try it on me first"
H: " It says childhood sickness"
Me: "I'm a child at heart!"
H: " This is science it doesn't work that way!"

Well we never tried the backwoodsman voodoo or would things involving chikens be considered hoodoo? I don't know, either way no ones finger was pricked, we are all still sick and this is where I am leaving you, but first a quick intro. I'm a new mommy and I'm from the Southern parts of the United States. I started this blog simply because I like to write and I think that some of the things I do are interesting and who knows maybe someone, somewhere out there will want to read about it. I like making crafty things, baking, spotting deals, and finding out little tips and tricks all of which I plan on sharing. This is simply a peek inside my little bubble.

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