Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dealings with customers and Pinterest Update

Ok, so I don't have any followers on my blog, but obviously someone must have been reading because overnight my Pinterest board went from 55 followers to 76 ALSO the Can you say YUM?!? board went from 61 to 68 followers!! WOW basically consider me giving you a huge virtual hug...unless you're germophobic and that would creep you out, and in that case I wrote you a very thoughtful thank you note....because that is pure awesomeness and it totally made my crappy day better, true it could have been pure coincidence, but I like to think otherwise.

Ok so I work at a tool store. This is a chain, but not one of the big boys..more like the big boy's distant cousin. Anyway...there are some really AMAZING customers that I come in contact with. There are some who make my day brighter and who I would truly miss if I left, but then there are those other ones. If you have worked in retail you TOTALLY know what I'm talking about. They just make me wonder HOW they have made it thus far in life. Here are a few things that I get the pleasure of dealing with on a daily basis....

 1) AT the checkout counter, customer walks up and lays tons of stuff on register then proceeds to throw down a booklet ...
Customer: " Are there coupons in here ?"  ( a COUPON booklet with bar-coded COUPONS that was sent to them) 
Me : " Yes sir, and if you have any in there that you would like to use just show them to me and I can scan them for you. You don't have to cut them out"
Customer: " Well I don't any of this stuff in there?"
Me: " Well sir they print over 400 coupons a month so I can't be sure."
Customer: " Well how about you look through that and find them for me " ( for ALL 32 items on register)

REALLY?!?! I'm not the one saving money here, why would I spend that much time helping YOU save money when you're not even polite or friendly to me.ALSO you're holding everyone else up.

2) Customer throws receipt at counter.
" That girl charged me more."
Me: ? ( like we have a "charge more button or something")
Customer: "It was suppose to be only 1.99 and she charged me 3.00!!"
Me: " Alright sir, well let me go verify that and if it's a different price we can change it."
---- it's listed as 3.00, show guy and then he pulls out a bar-coded coupon.
Customer: "SEE?!? It says 1.99!!!"
Me: " Sir, that is a coupon we have to scan that bar-code at the bottom to bring it down to that price."
Customer: " Well that is ridiculous, this is not a coupon."
Me: " Yes sir it is...see that bar-code? It is a coupon."
Customer: " show me where it says that this is a coupon"
Me: " under the item title...." this coupon entitles you to....."
Customer: " WHATEVER just give me the difference."

So yea...more to come later. Once again thank you everyone who started following my pinterest boards, I hope you find some amazingly delicious food recipes on my site or cool ideas for your home..whatever you're into.

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