Saturday, December 22, 2012

I adore Teen Fiction Books, so sue me!

Yay, we didn't all die. Now I guess I need to go pay my internet bill. I never really thought we were all going to die, but hey it's always nice to have a new awareness that you are alive. So I started reading Clockwork Angel ,  by Cassandra Clare which is a book that takes place 150 years before the AH-MAZING Mortal Instruments series. She is such a good writer, and I seem to fall in love with all of her characters. Seriously, I am twenty-five years old and yes I ADORE Young Adult Fiction books. There I said it. There's just something about them that draw me in. While I also appreciate an adult fiction, historical, or biography book I always find that I am drawn to the teen section. I use to be really self conscious about it casually mentioning I was looking for something for my younger sister, but I think the library ladies knew. My card's history was filled with books from Melissa de la Cruz, PC cast and Kristin cast, Scott Westerfeld, and Stephanie Meyer to just name a few. I'm pretty sure they would smirk whenever I had five or six teen books and one Margaret Maron mystery novel. Now however I am somewhat carefree in my book selection. I will march right in and spend hours just browsing the backs of books in the teen section like it's my job. Nobody should be ashamed of reading, no matter what you read or what age it's targeted for. Maybe you're forty-five and adore Harry Potter? More power to you! Maybe you're twenty and still love Pat the Bunny, Awesome! I read a great post called The Reader's Bill of Rights and it is AWESOME and hilarious so check it out!

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