Thursday, December 20, 2012

How do they make it through their day without grumpy cat? HOW?

One of the downsides to working in a tool store filled with primarily older men is that nobody really understands any of my internet humor. I spent almost 30 minutes trying to explain I can has cheeseburger to them.

" So it's a website of cats?" looking at me like I was some crazy person
" Well...yea, but some other animals too, they're doing funny things and there are captions written in cutesy writing, and it's REALLY funny." Fixed with a really stupid grin and really happy to be sharing the joy of  I can has Cheeseburger.
"'s just pets." sounding dubious like I'm trying to sell them something.
" Yea, and they say funny things on the picture captions." excitement beginning to fade.
" ......."
" Nevermind."  Excitement gone.

They literally have never seen any meme, nor know what one is. They were clueless when I made references to  Sweet Brown ain't nobody got time for that and thought I was crazy when I started singing Hide yo' kids Hide yo' Wives, I am not kidding you, in fact these are the same people who when I said I was excited for the Hunger Games coming out one of them literally asked " What is that like a new board game?" It's like I'm friggen Tom Hanks in Castaway, just me alone on my little island with people who know nothing about internet culture. Sometimes life can be hard.....


  1. Pssst... you should post a picture of Grumpy Cat on your register so you can check for the resemblance. Pretty sure most of your customers are at least RELATED to Grumpy Cat. Even if he isn't ACTUALLY grumpy....

    1. HA! I definitely should although I think some of the customers I have would put his grumpy face to shame. What is the harm in smiling people!?!