Wednesday, December 12, 2012

creeper old Italian man totally hit on me

I was sick all morning, but managed to pull myself together for work because I'm a responsible adult and whatnot. Later that afternoon I had an older Italian gentleman (80 or so) tell me I was beautiful literally seven times, and it got to that awkward stage where he wasn't just complementing me, he was practically undressing me with his eyes. Going from someone's zany grandpa to the old guy who slaps the nursing home ladies' butts in just a few short moments. He was just standing at my register talking to me, and I had a line so I was trying to nudge him out the door, but he just continued to call me beautiful and so I tried making a joke to make this all less awkward ... " I'm just going to keep you here, you make me feel good." hahaha small joke. WELL he then was like " ok...I'll stay." and proceeded to stand by my register until I checked out the rest of the people in my line.

Meanwhile I am making eyes with my other cashier mentally screaming OH MY GOODNESS can you believe this creepy guy?? When the line dies down he then begins talking to me all over again about how beautiful I am, even though I told him I was happily married and have a child. It was definitely moving past that frozen smile, ok your funny now go away phase to the ok dude you're about to be slapped with a restraining order. He finally went away when I was called into the office ( to be rescued by my awesome boss) but he made sure to say. " ok...I go now..but I will be back to see you my gorgeous."........yay. I can hardly wait. Just a word to any older men reading this: don't flirt with the cashier. She is probably not having a good day to begin with and she doesn't need your creeper self asking her out. it's weird. just stop....that is all.

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