Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sometimes you just don't fit in.

I'm a member of quite a few blogs, and it seems like every week at least two or three of them are doing a " link up your best post for the week" post. I love finding new blogs to visit and check out, but this past week was particularly exciting because I finally have my own blog! Now I can link up to the parties and attract new members (or any members at all) but there is just one little problem: For some strange reason I happen to sound like a semi-psychotic crazy person based on my post titles. I start browsing titles that have already been linked up:

What the Holidays mean to me
You can never get these moments back
BEST sugar cookies EV-AH!
Our beautiful tree 

Meanwhile I'm at my monitor going...hhmmm the post about chicken hoo-doo or the one about poopsplosions? Maybe Santa is a liar. People should be made aware of that after all.....So clearly I will not be linking up to any "best post of the week" parties until I stop sounding like a really weird creepy mommy in a sea of normal mommies. Which means I may not be linking up for a very, very long time. le sigh.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE your titles! I'm on a "bubble-fest" as we speak (as if you can't tell) bopping back and forth between FB, Pinterest and your blog for a new post! And I totally read "Poopsplosion" OUT LOUD to my whole family and we all HOWLED!