Sunday, December 9, 2012

JUST like Edward Cullen, but less sparkly and moody

I am feeling very accomplished today. We only have a few more gifts to buy (like three), then the stamps to put on our Christmas cards and then we are officially finished! YAY! This is awesome, but I feel like I'm somewhat masochistic during the holidays. I have this neurotic side that HAS to get all the gifts done within the first 12 days or so of December, and then as soon as I get the gifts wrapped and put under the tree I get impatient and want everyone to open them all. Whenever the recipient comes over I have to force myself to not thrust the gift on their lap and say " open it, open it" like a little kid.  It's literally mental torture to have something you know someone is going to LOVE and have to wait weeks for them to open it when it's just RIGHT THERE! I just want to spread a little Christmas joy is that so bad? Yes it is, as my husband lovingly points out....

" If you let everyone open their gifts now, when we see them on Christmas they wont have anything to open from us. Then you will feel awkward for them not having anything from us...ALTHOUGH they already got their gift. Then you will want to bring something else for them to open and we just can't afford that vicious cycle."

Touche Hubby, Touche.

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