Sunday, December 16, 2012

Allergies? Here 4 month old have some pancake syrup...

Well the Christmas get-together went well. My munchkin was passed from person to person and I totally kept my cool. I never once got irritated or upset, I let everyone who wanted to hold her get a chance to hold her so...I win first time mommy party award. The only thing that bothered me...other than my sister-in-law completely metaphorically stabbing my husband in the back...(story for next time kiddos) is the fact that TWICE people gave her food against my wishes. My munchkin already has a milk allergy, and EVERYONE knows that I do not like feeding her anything but the soy milk and some pureed food, but this weekend not only once but twice people slipped her things.

The first incident was letting her taste a peppermint stick and the second one was when they dipped their finger in maple syrup and gave it to her. Now I understand that this isn't like feeding her mashed potatoes or anything but I am very hesitant with what we feed her especially with her allergy and here they are doing it on purpose against my wishes. It did upset me, and my hubbs didn't care which didn't make me any happier. I didn't find out about these events until AFTER they happened which pissed me off more. MY question is would you be upset? Am I being too sensitive about this? I never brought it up or fussed, but I assure you I was not a happy camper. I just think they should have respected my wishes.


  1. I would encourage you to have a conversation with your hubby about setting boundaries with this stuff. I once heard my MIL offer a cookie to my ADHD neice, who replied "I already had a cookie. Mommy said only 1." (Good kid points there). NANA replied with "Well, I won't tell if you won't tell. Go ahead and have another cookie sweetie!" UGH. I called her on it. Right there. Made loads of friends. She didn't get it. What the heck is WRONG with people? All in one fell swoop, she put the kid in conflict between obeying Mommy and Nana, and taught her that it's OK to lie, and set her up for a meltdown later from too much sugar! RAWR. The point is, figure out what works for you guys, set those boundaries and be in agreement that you will have each others' backs when it's time to defend them. And anytime ANYONE stuck a finger in my kid's mouth, I got MAD. Maple syrup isn't exactly anti-microbial, am I right?!

    1. Exactly! They did mean well, but Hubs and I definitely need to get better with being on the same track. Happy wife Happy life lol and I would have gotten mad as well if that had happened to me. YOU are the mother, you make the rules and know the best for your child they should respect that whether they agree with it or not.