Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa is a dirty liar.

Santa is a liar. There I said it. I'm sorry to disrupt the thoughts of sugar plums dancing in your head and stoplights blinking bright red and green, ( first of all: when do plums dance? Secondly: stoplights are always those colors...way to pay attention to the road people, and you missed a color: yellow) all because Santa is a liar. As I told you the other day we went through a whole crapfest with a wardrobe change at the mall, and then the crying, and finally the sullen picture. Well we also wanted to buy a photo package. Santa was the only one there who knew anything about the packages because the two girls taking the picture were covering the real photographer's lunch. WELL the packages that were available didn't offer that many photos, I was needing about 10 medium size and a few wallets,however there was a digital download available so I asked Santa.....

" If we buy the digital download could I take it to walmart and have larger pictures printed out?"
Lying Santa: "'s yours. You can print it out at walmart, or CVS, or wherever you choose."
Me: " Sounds GREAT, we'll take that please."

Then Santa tried recruiting my husband into the lying Santa brotherhood because he also has a beard and I guess he was looking particularly jolly that day? So we make it home and the photo card says you have to wait 24-48 hours to get the picture, no problem. I made a plan to print them out on Friday along with our Christmas cards.... so I get all excited and download the picture, which looks sullen and hilarious at the same time, and then I opened up the "release" which says

This permission does not extend to printed images

Not Cool Santa, Not Cool. Maybe you should re-evaluate your own actions before placing others on the naughty list...just saying.

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