Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Day In The Bubble

Oh just some random things I had going on yesterday.

1. Artemis decided that I did not buy a large enough kitty litter pan so she pushed scooped scraped used a wand to magically get all of her litter out of the pan and onto the bathroom floor. Bonus: She waited until she finished her morning business so it was like walking through a horrible poop landmine room to get a towel in the morning.

2. I have planted and then quickly murdered quite a few different varieties of plants in my little planter on my porch. The ones in there now are all shriveled and dead, but with all this rain I've started to notice a few green little seedlings coming up and they actually look really hearty and healthy. I have no idea what they could be, literally anything from flowers to herbs so I'm pretty excited to see what blooms. My luck it will be poison ivy or something.

3.My Gyno. ( fun side note: spell check doesn't accept "gyno" and instead offers to change it to gyro.... like the sandwich HA! made me giggle, not even going to lie on that one) called me the Friday before last to cancel my Monday 18th appointment and asked me to call this week to biggie. I called them today and the receptionist said that there was no record of anyone calling me or that anyone was even scheduled for that day. I had to explain over and over while convincing her of the whole thing. Do people lie about Gynecologists re-scheduling a lot? Is this some sort of weird trend to get seen sooner?  What reason in the world would I have to make that up? It's not like I'm going to Disneyland here....I'm not happy to see you guys any more than you are to see me, I promise you. 

4. Late last night I was laying on the couch watching t.v. and Artemis jumped up on the back of it which coincidentally is right in front of our windows. Junior was outside and must have finally noticed her and felt it was in his duty to protect me. So out of nowhere everything is nice and peaceful and then I have a dog clawing and snarling at my window like a rabid wolf. If that wasn't enough to make me almost pee myself it freaked out Artemis so much that she flew from the couch, but not before sinking her claws into my leg. Awesome. Needless to say the outside dog and the inside cat will not be introduced any time soon.

5. I found this video on Pinterest and I laughed during the whole thing, I love it. I showed it to Hubs and watched it again another two times. It just makes me smile.

Well there it is. Hope you guys are having a great hump day ( tee hee )


  1. 1. Ewwww. Magician cats. Who knew?
    2. My green thumb withered and died ages ago. Poison Ivy? LOL! Totally my luck!
    3. Pic made me hungry. Then not so much. And what is up with that?
    4. Ouch!
    5. Someone has wayyy too much time on their hands! But super great!

    1. Your comments had me cracking up. lol loved it.