Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I thought it was bad before....

 Stuff it Rosie....This mommy needs a friggen break...

It's mommy wars people and I am earning a fricken general's badge, or is it Colonel? Which ever one is the highest...I don't know and right now I'm too tired to care.  I told you guys about Hubby leaving for his hunting trip, having my in-laws in, a teething baby going through stranger aversion, and getting sick all in one day well Hubby finally returned yesterday and brought with him a stomach flu. Awesome

Hubby began puking and running to the bathroom and did not stop. He was not awake yesterday for any amount of time other than getting up to vomit and laying back down.all.day.long. He also had a fever, and a wife who is a huge worrier. I was worrying over the baby being sick, then hubby's temp,when this all would break and if I would get sick.

I spent my Monday checking on him, washing my hands, calming the baby down, giving him medicine, washing my hands, trying to distract the baby from the searing pain of her teeth, clean the bathroom, wash my hands, beg the baby to sleep for more than 20 minutes, urge Hubby to drink more water, wash my hands....see where this is going? Did I also mention I'm still sick? Seriously. I'm a good person I think Karma has my name wrong. It's NICKIE not VOLDEMORT!


  1. Oh no! This suuucks... I went through a similar routine with teething and diarrhea and heat rash and my own flu and hallucinations from the "dry up" pills because the breastfeeding was coming to a violent, infected and super abrupt end! I vaguely remember falling asleep on the kitchen floor with my princess pudgy-wiggle sleepily suckling down some apple juice while drowsing on her change-pad on the floor beside me... the sensation of the texture of the cool, shiny linoleum was so soothing... and then the explosive poopy mess that woke me abruptly to change the cloth diaper I had draped over her bottom so it could help relieve the diaper rash... when I eventually came out of the fog, I needed to scrub, bleach and REPAINT the kitchen. Oh the joys of being a single mom... prayers for everyone's relief are on their way sister.

    1. OH mother of God I would have died!!!! I'm feeling a bit bad for complaining now, ours it not nearly as horrific as that!! Thank you so much for the prayers!!!!!!