Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thanks Irony

This is the fortune that I received in my fortune cookie with my chinese food that was delivered forty minutes later than they said it would be. Thanks Irony, you must not have any "gentle people" working at the China Dragon today.

In other news Hubby left today and will be gone for five days and my mother-in-law plus my  grandmother-in-law are coming down to stay with me. I absolutely love my in laws, seriously I am not kidding on this one. My MIL and I can sit in a room all day with internet, not having to say one word and be completely cool with it. She is also teaching me how to sew which is friggen scary. I am a perfectionist and also very clumsy so the idea of pairing that with sharp needles just doesn't seem too smart, buy hey..she's a brave lady.

Also, Munch is going through a stranger aversion phase and screams like a bald little banshee whenever anyone other than Hubby or I hold her. It literally took 25 minutes of solid screaming for her to finally resolve being held by my sister so I can only imagine the hell that will take place when my mother-in-law who hasn't seen her in a few months tries to hold her.

Keep me in your prayers people.

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