Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The 15 Best: Valentine Edition

I don't want to freak out on you guys but we have passed the 2,000 page views mark!!!!! I was so excited!!!! I literally jumped up and down like a little kid I was so happy! You people are pure amazingness and I love you. Speaking of love...here is my list of the 15 BEST for Valentine's Day projects, enjoy! 

  1. Felt Heart Valentine Trees by Lolly Jane
The best part is that it looks like you spent forever on this one, or that you bought it from a store and it costs almost nothing to make. Plus you can always change up the color scheme for Christmas or Halloween, etc.
2.Collage Musings Frame by DCWV Diary
I love how easy and effortless this is to make and yet is so beautiful that it would look amazing in a master bedroom. You can always change the colors, but I love the contrast of the dark frame and light hearts.
3. Valentine Garland by 86 Lemons
I always see those .99 cent lace hearts and never know what to do with them. I'm literally kicking myself for not seeing how beautiful those can be with just a tiny bit more effort.

4.Valentine Paper Heart Chain by Strumpet's Crumpets
I love how adorable this would look for a kiddo's bedroom window or doorway entrance. This is just fun,whimsy, and cute! 
5. Sparkle Heart Canvas Bag by Life in Mod
This bag looks like you need an engineering degree in sewing, but guess what...it's a no sew project!!! Awesome.
6. Feaux Patchwork Heart  by Sweet Pea
I really, really love this craft! I think that it is absolutely beautiful and the fact that it takes just minutes to make and only a few bucks is beyond amazing! 
 7. Cupcake Liner Pom  by Kara's Party Ideas
 You will not believe how easy and cheap it is to make this, plus think of the color combinations! You can literally make this for every holiday, every event and every party. It is so beautiful. PLUS this chick has AMAZING party ideas!
 8. DIY Lipstick Art by I Heart Nap time
I think I would have way too much fun playing with this one! It looks so easy, and fun. I really can't wait to make it! 
9. Valentine Candles by Bowtique to you 
You can make this craft in one sitting easily even with the kiddos running around like banshees and then have something quick and pretty to give to your friends. Win. 
 10.  Doilies and Hearts Jars by Crescendoh
I have oodles and oodles of jars and I could not think of one Valentine's Day decor idea to use them for. Then I found this amazing craft and I fell in love. Seriously how cute are these!?!
 11. Tissue Rosette Kissing Ball by The Idea Room
This is another piece of decor craft that looks like you bought it at a home store. I love how you can change the placement and totally change the look. Bonus she also has a tutorial for a felt kissing ball. 
 12. I Love You Garland by Lovely Indeed
Sparkly and creative, what's not to love? This banner just makes me happy, and I simply fell in love with it. Can't wait to make! 
13. Paper Heart Garland by Making It With Danielle
This is another easy garland craft that looks like you spent all day on it. It's so easy and chic that it just begs to be made. I love the creative way she did the hearts, very talented. 
14. Fan Hearts by On A Whimm
I like this craft because it's super easy of course and also because it's an original. This is a more modern take on your normal Valentine decor. 
15. Shabby Chic Valentine Decoration by Have Sippy Will Travel
I love the way she paired this with the white distressed frame. Even if you didn't already have a distressed white frame it wouldn't cost much to pick on up and do this amazing craft!

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