Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Fortune Cookie Thinks I'm Pregnant

My fortune cookie thinks I'm pregnant....stay with me here. 

My Hubby, Brother and I ate dinner at a AWESOME Chinese place last night. We were enjoying the last part of our meal when the fortune cookies came. We all grabbed our cookies and my Brother and I opened ours immediately. Hubby was finishing up his food because he is the slowest eater in the whole world so he hadn't opened his. 

I cracked the little cookie which of course split into a million pieces and read my fortune...

" Now is the time to call loved ones at a distance. Share your news."

I immediately pointed out that my fortune cookie said we should share our news, and Hubby cracked up and asked just exactly what kind of news should we be sharing. I assured everyone at the table that I was not pregnant nor switching jobs or moving, and we went on about our conversation. 

Hubby finally finished his meal, and opened up his cookie only to find the same friggen fortune. My Brother of course thought this was hilarious, I was glaring at the cookies and Hubby looked suspicious. I repeated again that I was NOT pregnant and we left the the way I'm pregnant. HA! Just kidding, but how funny would that be if I was ( which I am not, I pinkie promise you). Nothing big is happening here in this take that back. My steam mop broke and we may be in the market for a new one, guess I've gotta go tell my Grandma now.


  1. But you did get a kitty... that's news!

    1. HA! You're right! Instead of birth announcements I should send out kitty announcements LOL