Monday, February 25, 2013

Mother Truckin' Call of Duty

My Hubby is 26 years old, and he is a big time man's man....I'm pretty sure you can drop him anywhere on earth with just a pocket knife and pick him up a month later at the log home he built with his bare hands. He is a guy's guy, he also plays Call of Duty or whatever the name is now....Modern Warfare, Zombie Something, Guaranteed to Annoy your wife v.3...I'm not sure. I don't really mind him playing because he usually waits until the baby is sleeping and there's nothing else to do in the house, and he bought these AMAZING headphones that cancel the noise out of the game completely. The only thing I hear is him talking which I can live with.

However a few nights ago my brother spent the night with us, and they played together. The only problem was that he only has one set of headphones so he decided not to use them.

Holy War Zone Batman

I forgot how much noise that game produced. There is gunfire, explosions, other players, the video game speaking, and of course their reactions to it all. I sat there staring at the computer trying to write a blog post and thinking about throwing the breaker to the house when I came up with this list:

The Top 5 Things To Do When Your Guy is Playing COD

1. Take this opportunity to give your kid a history lesson about how crappy war is. There are loud noises, lots of casualties ( might want to edit this for the little ones) and frustrated, angry women.

2. Every time the word " shot " is uttered eat one Oreo.

3. Make him put a dollar into a jar every time he curses ( my hubby doesn't curse...and when he plays this game he does, I think there's something in the water or maybe I should say controller). Use the money to buy you something nice tomorrow....maybe some earplugs, just a suggestion.

4. Before your guy starts playing set the sleep timer on the t.v. for random time increments. Make popcorn and watch the magic happen.

5. If he has a microphone on ( fun tip: they are super sensitive and pick up every noise) feel free to ask very loudly if he remembered to pick up your tampons from the store on his way home. Another route would be asking about his hemorrhoid cream...feel free to be creative on this one.

There ya go! Remember if all else fails you are free to visit my blog and rant about it. I'm here to listen, in fact we can start a support group. We'll meet on Tuesdays, I'll bring the cupcakes.


  1. ROFL!!! Loooove the final tip! Good to know those mics are sensitive... }:D

    1. oh yeeeaaaa they are REALLY sensitive. Hubbby's can pick up my footsteps when I walk by.

  2. I love this!! I'm a pretty patient, easygoing person when it comes to my husband's man-hobbies (homebrewing, guns, poker night, doing things to his car...) but MAN those war video games get to me. I love these suggestions!!

    1. Oh my goodness our Hubbys are twins. Mine picks up a new hobby at least once a month...I really wish I was over dramatizing that.