Thursday, February 21, 2013

Date that you have a baby

Just because you have a little one doesn't mean that you can't have any fun together. Here is a list of some date night ideas you can try baby sitter required! Just be sure to schedule it nowhere near bedtime, trust me on that one.

1. Have dinner at home and head out to your local video game arcade at the mall or if you're super lucky...a fair. This is a great idea because there's already lots of noise and the baby will be amazed at all the lights and sounds. Be sure to bring the stroller so you and Hubby can have your hands free to challenge each other in Skee-ball. When you're finished head to your local ice cream shop for a quick treat before heading home. If baby is in a great mood enjoy eating them outside and if not...take it home, no biggie.

2. Catch a movie together. No...Seriously. The Bump sponsors a Bring Your Baby Matinee all over the country in various theaters. The lights are brighter and the volume is lower plus it's breastfeeding friendly and crying babies are welcomed. After the movie if baby is cooperating take a stroll together and talk...while burning off some of those popcorn calories.

3. Have a double-date night at home. Invite a few other couples and ask them to bring either their favorite dessert and/or wine and enjoy those tasty treats while competing against each other playing board games. I know what you're thinking...board games? Seriously? Yes my friends, I am serious because there are some new games on the market geared towards adults and aimed at ensuring a good time. Here are a few of my favs: Battle of the Sexes, Apples to Apples, What's yours like?, and Scene It?

4. Do a lot for a short time. Let me explain....first find out where a local flea market/jockey lot is and spend the morning looking at all the cool things for sale. Make it a challenge by only having ten bucks a piece and whoever finds the coolest item gets a day of no diaper changing duty or a ten minute foot massage. When that's done head over to a place where you can get food to-go and eat lunch at the park. Baby is sure to love the sunshine and you guys don't have to worry if she gets fussy. The last stop is to hit up the bowling alley and bowl one, maybe two games depending on baby's mood. Loser has to cook dinner

5. Discover your local art or history museum. Be sure to go mid-day and mid-week when there are bound to be some school groups. You wont feel bad if the little one starts fussing and you get to take in some culture together. If your munchkin is still in a good mood pop on over to your local paint-your-own pottery place and design your own works of art. They're usually small so nobody will mind if little one cries plus you can also do some cute pottery artwork with your little guy or girl like this if they're in the mood.

Well, there you go....5 date night ideas that are made for you guys and the baby. The main thing is to keep it relaxed, have fun, and never, ever, ever, never, ever, ever stop being romantic with each other.