Saturday, February 9, 2013

Really Humans? Really?

When did we get so annoying as a human race? When did we get this notion that we were so superior and that we know what's best for everyone and everything? Yesterday I took my mother-in-law and granny-in-law shopping and the shop was close to the ocean, when we pulled into the parking lot there were a group of tourists surrounding a tree.

My naturally curious mother-in-law went to the tree to see what was going on and she said there was a pelican laying next to it. I got munch in her carseat and followed them over. The pelican was pretty cool, but what was annoying was the fact that the tourists were all freaking out.

" Do you think it's hurt?"
" Why is it here?"
" Does he look normal?"
" Can birds get rabies?"
" Should we feed it?"

I had a look of horror on my face and told them very clearly that no you should not feed it. A man then said it looked like it might need help because it was sitting there and not walking or wanting to eat, and I spoke very slowly and deliberately so he could understand me:

" He is a wild animal. He can feed himself, he is probably resting. Leave him alone."

Then the man gave me a weird look like I was some sort of idiot and asked what pelicans ate and if I thought the bird would take some bread from his hand. I then shook my head and said:

" Ok...yea...sounds like a great idea..hand feed a wild animal, they make great pets."

I then turned my stroller around and began walking towards the shop. The bird was not hurt, he was not in need of any human attention. I just could not believe that these people who were A) Not familiar with these animals at all, and this was the first time probably EVER seeing one up close B) Had no veterinary degrees or medical training were so convinced they knew what was best for this bird. They thought they were entitled to hand feed a wild if it actually needed our assistance to live. Get over yourself humans!

p.s.- I did not take a picture of the pelicans out of respect.


  1. In my world someone would have tried to "rescue" the poor guy and then drop him off in my driveway. ;)

    You were tagged, by the way. I found you through the Circle of Moms dealy and thought you were funny. Feel free to play along or not. :)

    1. lol yea I can see that if he was hurt, but this guy was completely fine and able. Ps - you are pretty awesome for doing this tag idea, I love it!