Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fate Intervened

Fate Intervened

Meet Artemis.

While we were debating and mulling over the pros and cons our neighbor found a kitten. She was cold, skinny, and they are all allergic to cats. They wanted to find a loving home and not take her to the shelter, and when I saw her little face I couldn't turn her away.

Hubby and I both agreed that it was a pretty crazy coincidence that for the last few weeks we've been debating over a kitten and yesterday our neighbor finds one who needs a home. I think it was God sort of saying hey..calm down..I've got things taken care of and I love you, this little girl needs you as much as you need her, or at least that's what I like to think is happening.

Things have honestly been going really well. Munchkin and the kitten seem to get along, and munchkin even pets her a little, although I have to hold her hands and make sure she doesn't hurt the fur baby. Artemis likes to snuggle and get petted. We are watching them both like hawks and shutting the baby's bedroom door at night just to be safe ( we have a video monitor in her room which is INCREDIBLE by the way).

The first 24 hours have went well so far, and I have already fallen in love. I don't think my mom nor his is too happy on this one, but we are monitoring their every moves, and I think everything is going to be ok on this one.


  1. Congrats on your new addition! Guess the kitten is the hairier sex now, eh?

    1. Thank you! Ha! You are right about that she's definitely got the furry thing down.

  2. Artemis is ADORBZ!!! So much cute.. oh the squeee!